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Hello! We're Sarah and Ryan Anderson, co-founders of Alpinecho.

Welcome to Alpinecho, REI Co-Op!

Thank you for considering our REI Greenlight application. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Alpinecho Honest Outdoor Goods in our introduction video and get to know us better in the information provided below. Thank you for your time.

Sarah + Ryan Anderson

Success at local REI Co-Ops

Alpinecho currently partners with five Colorado REI Co-Ops via their local purchasing programs.

Case Studies:

REI Fort Collins


Where it all started. We're excited to continue partnering with our local Fort Collins REI for the third year (Spetember 2020 - Present). Alpinecho goods are enjoyed by local staff and customers alike. Sales numbers above are for a snapshot, 15 month period ending in May 2022; sales continue to the present at a similar pace.

REI Denver Flagship Store


We are thrilled to join the local purchasing program at the REI Denver Flagship Store (November 2021 - Present). The Denver flagship location plays a roll in Ryan and Sarah's childhood memories, making our partnership especially meaningful. Sales numbers above are for a snapshot, 5 month period ending in May 2022; sales continue to the present at a similar pace.

REI Boulder

September 2021 - Present

Our partnership with REI Boulder successfully expanded from a single table-top card rack to a POP floor-display in less than three months and continues to grow.

Sales metrics are very similar to those of Fort Collin's and are available if needed.

REI Greenwood Village

September 2022 - Present

We began our partnership with REI Greenwood Village in September 2022 and recently fulfilled their first order. We look forward to growing our relationship and expanding our line.

Sales metrics aren't yet available for this brand-new partnership location.

REI Grand Junction

October 2022 - Present

We're excited to join the local purchasing program at REI Grand Junction in October 2022, and look foward to fulfilling their first order (to be placed later in October).

Sales metrics aren't yet available for this brand-new partnership location.

“Alpinecho is a perfect fit for the Co-Op!”

Alpinecho is a perfect fit for the Co-Op! Our customers love the ethos of this growing brand almost as much as they love Sarah's beautiful designs. 

We're so proud to carry their products in our store!

Caryn Wong, Former Sales Manager, REI Fort Collins

Alpinecho has been a joy to work with so far. The quality of the products is superb—the art is beautiful, the stickers are a high quality material, and the cards are packaged in a way that keeps them clean and crisp and married with their envelopes. The quality of service is equally superb through Alpinecho’s quick shipping and the loaning of display fixtures. Continuing to build a mutually beneficial relationship with Alpinecho is a no-brainer.

Thomas Lunden, Sales Lead, REI Boulder

Endorsements shared with permission; they are personal opinion and do not represent an official REI stance.
Case Study data provided by and shared with permission from REI Fort Collins and REI Denver, May 2022.
Since providing the above quote, Caryn Wong has moved on to other opportunities.

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Made in the USA

HOW it's made matters because WHO made it matters. Alpinecho goods are thoughtfully designed in Colorado and manufactured, printed and assembled in the USA. We won't take part in slavery at any level.

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Your partnership supports ethical manufacturing in the USA, helps build a family business, and funds our next freeze-dried backpacking meal.

A heartfelt thank you.

A note from Sarah

The outdoors are as authentic as it gets. I’ll always remember the time Ryan first said, “When I’m outside, I feel like the real me.” We were miles into the wilderness on a backpacking trip, stripped of creature comforts, but feeling fully and completely alive.

As a designer and illustrator, I wanted to capture that feeling in my sketchbook. What began as campsite sketches of pine needles and mountain peaks has grown into a product line designed almost entirely outdoors.

At the end of a long hike, shared memories are our favorite part of the adventure. That’s why each of our goods are inspired by real experiences. Our hope is that Alpinecho sparks adventure, storytelling, and a genuine appreciation for the outdoors—bug bites, blisters and all!

— Sarah Anderson, Co-founder + Artist