True Crime Video: How Dora Roberts murdered her husband after feeding the wildlife

True Crime Video: How Dora Roberts murdered her husband after feeding the wildlife

Dora Rober's Father

Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet.

Our co-founder's family-skeleton was properly prepared for burial and laid to rest by a skilled mortician with the help of the murderer. Confused? Watch the story below.

We're not saying that people who feed wildlife are also murderers, we're just sharing a family story.

But you could grab a Don't Feed the Animals Sticker and leave a different kind of legacy. Again, we're not here to judge.

Alpinecho Don't Feed The Animal Stciker

Video Transcript:

True Crime Video: How Dora Roberts murdered her husband after feeding the wildlife

Last year Ryan’s mom found a box of old family photos and this was our favorite. Something seems to have eternally frightened these five brothers. Especially this one. 

Meet his daughter, Dora Roberts. Here she is feeding a ground squirrel in the 1930s. How nice.

She ran a mortuary with her husband which was, as one of her postcards noted, conveniently located right next to the hospital. He was a bad husband … really, really bad. So, Dora murdered him with a knitting needle. She knew exactly how to do it without making a mess. I’m not joking. It was common knowledge for a mortician. And the story was passed down from generation to generation.

She lived to an old age. That’s right! She was never arrested and her husband’s reputation was probably why.

Still, her father always kept one (or two) eyes open.

And I’m not saying that people who feed wildlife are also murderers, I’m just sharing a family story.

 Dora Roberts Alpinecho Side by Side True Crime Image Postcard

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  • A Dad With One Eye Open

    Ryan found family photos? 5 frightened brothers? Some dad keeping an eye open? Feel as if I am missing something? Is Ryan related to the frightened brothers, one open eyed dad, Knitting Needle Dora, the murdered husband, or the ground squirrel. If so, how? Was the ground squirrel an accomplice? Were the pictures old, the people in the pictures, or both? Besides never being convicted, what happened after the murder (like to the neatly murdered body?)? Did Dora feed her husbands corpse to the ground squirrels? “His daughter”, who is “his” (one of the frightened brothers?)? Why were they frightened (did she have more knitting needles?)? Was she never convicted of the murder, or feeding the ground squirrel, or both? Looks like that picture card is dated 1938, so had she already killed the husband or was this still to come in the late 1830’s? Was being next to a hospital convenient due to getting bodies for her undertaking business or because people would get assaulted by knitting needles? It states picture was taken near the Never Summer Range, so why is she wearing short sleeves? Could the murder have happened in Texas as the stamp on the back of photo says San Antonio, TX? Is that an Alpinecho bandanna on her head?

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