Let's Talk Turkey about Price Increases

Let's Talk Turkey about Price Increases

We wanted to wait until our PR guy got back from vacation, but (with or without him) it’s time to talk turkey about our pricing.
 Let's talk Turkey. (oops, not a turkey)As a young company, we decided not to raise prices for the past three years in order to earn your trust and so that you could experience, firsthand, the quality of our goods. When everyone else was raising their prices, we actually lowered ours.

But, like everyone else, our costs have risen, and our profit margins have shrunk. To continue providing ethically made goods, we need to adjust some of our prices.

So, how much have our costs really increased*?

Shipping  +20%
Shipping boxes +80%
Utilities +30%
Manufacturing +15%–100%

*Average increase from January 2021 (our last price adjustment) to January 2024

“Those are some serious price increases.” —Turkey, Alpinecho PR

Serious Turkey

Meanwhile, we’ve increased the quality and value of our goods!

  • Nalgenes: Transitioned to Premium Sustain®️ bottles made from 50% recycled material. (Wanna go halfsies? We are splitting the cost of this upgrade with you!)
  • Trucker Hats: Added woven edge-wrap logo patches and transitioned to 100% recycled fabric.
  • Greeting Cards: Switched to USA-milled paper and recycled kraft envelopes.
  • Bandanas: Added a premium (full-color and quick-dry fabric) option perfect for outdoor adventures.

Part of our responsibility to ethical manufacturing is to create a sustainable business that reflects the value of our products and the people making them. That's why were rolling out the following price adjustments:

New Pricing (effective February 1, 2024)

Neck Gaiters $28.00 (+8% adjustment)
Quick-dry Bandanas $20.00 (+11% adjustment)
Cotton Bandanas $14.00 (0% adjustment) NO CHANGE
Trucker Hats $34.00 (+13% adjustment)
Beanies $28.00 (+12% adjustment)
Nalgenes $28.00 (+12% adjustment)
Stickers $5.00 (+25% adjustment)
Greeting Cards $5.00 (+25% adjustment)
Patches $9.00 (0% adjustment) NO CHANGE


We hope that you’ll reach out with any questions (and leave any nasty messages on the turkey’s voicemail). Thank you for supporting our family business. Together, we can continue to end supply-chain slavery.

Turkey on vacation

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