Why “Alpinecho”?

Why “Alpinecho”?

We've rebranded! Catch & Release Creative is now Alpinecho.

“So, it's just fish stuff?” A passing comment got us thinking about the big life questions.
We considered changing our name to “Not Just Fish Stuff”, but instead, chose a name that highlights what makes us… well... “us”. We’re a small, husband and wife operated outdoor goods company. We’re committed to ethically manufactured goods of the highest quality. All of our goods feature original artwork inspired by experiences in hard-to-reach-places like the alpine.

Or, you can keep it simple and just call us... 

Alpinecho (pronounced “Alpine-echo”)

Why Alpinecho?

Shortly after Ryan and I met, he introduced me to my first alpine lake. We hiked along a cascading waterfall banked by wildflowers and melting snow. I audibly gasped when we crested the steep hill and were suddenly eye-level with crystal-clear, blue water. I'd never experienced anything like it. We fished, got sunburned, and I drew my first sketch in the outdoors that day.

Since then, alpine lakes have become my favorite place to get away. Last summer, Ryan and I returned for an afternoon of fishing just as a storm rolled in. We crouched in the alpine boulder field as thunder echoed through the valley. It was the perfect “alpine echo” or Alpinecho. (Then we hightailed it out of there!)

That rugged landscape inspired me to paint and sketch outdoors for the first time. Then it inspired our new name. Now it inspires us each day as we capture nature’s most awe-inspiring moments, big and small.

Alpinecho celebrates the full experience and the unfiltered effort it takes to reach a goal. Dirt, blisters, and thunderstorms make mountaintop views all the more breathtaking.
Nature has a way of bringing out the best in people so we bring the best of nature to you!


Written by Sarah Anderson, Co-founder + Artist

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  • Austin Tung

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and doing what you do.

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