Danner Boots x Alpinecho

Danner Boots x Alpinecho

Danner x Alpinecho Boot Sticker Process images showing three pictures of a boot being watercolor painted against a backdrop of green pine trees

We're excited to announce our partnership with Danner Boots, a USA-made brand known for their timeless style and quality craftsmanship.

Nothing says hiking Americana quite like the Mountain Light Hiking boots in full-grain leather with bright red laces. These iconic Danner boots first hit the trail in the 1970’s and haven’t quit since. Ask any avid backpacker to name their hiking boot gold standard—the classic pair they just keep coming back to—and they’ll likely name those Mountain Light’s.

Like so many adventurers, we’re fans of Danner’s iconic boots. But we’re even bigger fans of how Danner makes these boots “from top to bottom” right here in America.

Danner Boots Store Photos Denver Portland Locations Alpinecho products on shelves

Our partnership with Danner began two years ago when Alpinecho goods first hit the shelves at Danner’s retail stores. Seeing our Honest Outdoor Goods next to Danner’s USA-made boots meant the world to us as a growing small business that values ethically manufactured gear. So when Danner asked if we’d be interested in collaborating on a product, we immediately loved the idea.

If you’ve followed Alpinecho over the last few years, then you know that co-owner Sarah Anderson sketches and paints all of Alpinecho’s original artwork. Most of these sketches begin in the outdoors and this Danner painting was no different.

Danner Boots Sticker process images of a photo, sketch, green mountains, watercolor painting and final sticker

Sarah started by photographing Danner’s Mountain Light Cascade hiking boots outside in their element. Next, she painted the boots with watercolors before using charcoal to sketch the boot’s rugged details over top. With Mount Hood in the background, Sarah’s painting pays tribute to Danner’s beginnings in Portland, Oregon.

Once complete, this original artwork became an adventure-proof sticker celebrating the Mountain Light boots loved by serious hikers, purveyors of mountainside style, and all of us who love to get outside!

So grab a pair of Danner’s iconic boots, kick up some dust, and test them in their element. After all, these are boots for “those who choose the unlikely path, those who pioneer.” And snag your own Danner Boots x Alpinecho Mountain Light Sticker to celebrate your next pioneering adventure. We’re here to outfit you for wherever your pioneering sole might take you!

Grab your boots, kick up some dust and pioneer!

You can purchase your own Danner Boots x Alpinecho Mountain Light Sticker here.

 Written by Anna Frymire

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